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This section is for referring solicitors, doctors and nursing staff. Please use the menu on the left hand side. The nursing protocols gives information about preoperative investigations and the management of specific pathology.

The Practice

If we have not worked together before, a little bit about the practice. I am a director of Weymouth
Street Hospital. I also undertake paediatric anaesthesia at the Harley Street Clinic and the Portland
Hospital. I have admitting rights at other HCA hospitals, the King Edward VII, and Optegra. My special
interests are the difficult airway, paediatric imaging and radiotherapy, ENT and spinal surgery. I do
not do obstetric anaesthesia. I also insert lines and ports in both adults and children.

I am always happy to receive referrals. Email is the best means of contact using [email protected] and I aim to respond within an hour. Please provide the operation, location and insurer, if any. If I am able to help I will need the patient’s name and email plus any relevant medical history you have.

Please ask all patients to visit my website which provides a lot of information.

All patients at Weymouth Street Hospital are preassessed by our preassessment team using an online questionnaire that is then sent to me. I can see patients at 9 Harley Street but this is rarely necessary. I preassess adults at other hospitals myself, again using an online questionnaire. Paediatric preassessment is controversial and the paediatric section of my website takes the parents through this.

I always see patients on admission and whilst in hospital – if patients need ITU, I provide this
personally. In my experience, this produces not only a good outcome but also a content patient.

Preoperative Investigations

Fewer and fewer patients need any investigations, although I do ask for an ECG over 50. Weymouth Street Hospital can do bedside ECG, haemoglobin and blood sugars on admission. We no longer undertake routine sickle testing unless there is a personal or family history of sickling. Here is a LINK to my chart which gives you all the information you will require.


I have been undertaking medicolegal reports for many years, I am familiar with appearing in court,
and I have undertaken various training courses. Apart from dental damage and nerve injuries, many
anaesthesia related cases are medically complex, involving lengthy treatment on intensive care and
sometimes brain damage. I believe that my experience of this work, combined with over twenty
years as an NHS consultant and seven years leading one of the largest teaching hospital departments
in the UK provides the ideal combination to identify the relevant issues and give the best advice.

I am happy to accept cases relating to:
general and regional anaesthesia involving adults and children
intensive care
central and semipermanent lines
interhospital transfers, aviation transfers and ambulance services
cover for sporting events

You are welcome to contact me with brief details. Please use email at
[email protected]. I guarantee a rapid response, and if your case is outside my area
of expertise, I am happy to recommend other doctors who may be able to assist.

Nursing protocols

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